Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 28: Beautiful Sights (For the Most Part)

One afternoon I decided to take my parents on a tour of three of Milwaukee's famous museums.
The Pabst Mansion:
 The Villa Terrace Decorate Arts Museum:
And the Charles Allis Art Museum.  All three of the museums are contained inside famous Milwaukee mansions.  It was so bloody hot that day!  While we were at the Villa (no air conditioning), my dad happened to find three vents in this room we hadn't looked at yet.  He called after my mom and me.  When we walked into the room he pointed to one spot and said, "Mom, you stand right there.  Dani (pointing to another) you stand there."  He walked to another spot and we all stood in the first blasts of cool air we'd felt in about an hour.  It felt so good.  Needless to say, we didn't spend much time in this museum as we did the others.
Another thing my dad wanted to do while he was here was see a cardinal.  So, on a couple of occasions we went bird watching.  On our first trip (Estabrook Park), he spotted a female and male cardinal together.  My mom and I watched from a distance and marveled till they flew away.
A little later, I got the idea to Google the call of a female cardinal to see if we could get the male to come out again.  After about 45 seconds, out comes the male and female together.  They kept circling over head trying to figure out where the other female was.  We replayed the video for about 10 minutes, enjoying the up close show we were getting.  How cool!
After getting home we looked cardinals up on the internet and discovered that they are monogamous for life.  The male and female work together as a team to provide for each other and their offspring.  How sweet!  Needless to say, birdwatching was a favorite activity during their trip.  We went 3-4 times and even put out our camping chairs in the backyard to watch the wildlife there (cardinals, finches, yellow-bellied flycatchers, rabbits, lightening bugs, chipmunks and squirrels).
We stopped to get some pics at Hoyt Park...
And then headed over to the dog park for some more bird watching.  Did the same thing with the bird call and had quite the show.  So neat!
After all of this, we headed over for a trip to Cedarburg to show off the cute town.
Of course, we absolutely loved having my parents here.  It was so hard to see them go.  You know you've had a good visit when you don't want your company to leave.
Thank you M&D for coming to see us!

Ha ha:
Today I made a lunch run for Clinton after he got home from his 28 hour shift.  He wanted McDonalds.  I thought I'd just get some ice cream, but on my way there I passed by Subway and thought it sounded way better.  So, I made my trip through the drive-thru at Micky-D's and headed over to Subway.  Now, as I was about to get out of the car I realized that when I left the house I thought I wasn't going to be seen by anyone so, who cared what I looked like, right?  Well, I wish I'd just taken the extra second to put on my boots...
The fact that I walked into Subway looking like this should exemplify just how much I love their sandwiches--that and the fact that I go there at least once a week. :)

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