Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 6: Smells Like Supper...In the Can

I had a chance to volunteer at a family dinner at the local Ronald McDonald House.  I'm sad to say that I typically don't enjoy spending my free time (especially on a Friday night) doing a service activity, but I LOVED/NEEDED this tonight.
This last week has not been great and I really needed to let all of that go and focus on helping someone else.  Though my situation hasn't changed, I feel uplifted and encouraged knowing that I had the chance to help others in worse situations than I.  I may hate my job, but I'm thankful I have one.  I'm thankful I'm healthy.  I'm thankful for my wonderful husband, pup, family and friends.
I'm very blessed...I'm very blessed...I'm very blessed.

Ha ha:
Random thought/question:  Am I the only one who sorta gets grossed out at the sight of food wrappers in a bathroom garbage?  Or worse yet, smells of hot food in a public bathroom?  (shudder)

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