Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24: What a Relief!

A special shout-out thank you to my HB for giving me a neck massage last night.  He had come home from an especially long day at work and still made time to lend a helping hand...or two.  Thank you HB!

Ha ha:
It was so very foggy in Milwaukee yesterday.  Near bedtime I decided I should take Peter out for one last potty break, so I put on my shoes and opened the door.  When I stepped outside, I'd forgotten how foggy it was and totally thought it was my contacts.  I kept blinking and blinking and blinking trying to clear them up.  I was about ready to rip 'em out and stomp on them.  Finally, I walked back inside and noticed I could read the clock clearly.  Duh!
What a weird sensation.  I must have looked like such a coo-coo bananas with all that unnecessary blinking!

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