Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 29: 20 Random Facts About Yours Truly

I had a little time on my hands this afternoon so I decided to spend it wisely by going onto Pinterest.  Now, in my defense, I did come across a great pin that has inspired my blog post today.  It's from  In this post, the author has listed 30 questions to answer about herself for posterity's sake.  As a regular journal-keeping-blogger, naturally I thought this would be good for me.  So, for the next little while, I'll be taking one of her questions and answering them here.
Question #1: List 20 random facts about yourself
1. I have a rather serious phobia about skin disorders.  I dry heave if I see anything "nasty".  It's bumps that do it to me. (gag!)
2. I prefer to eat chocolate bars chilled (except for Charleston Chews).
3. I have had a giant salad every day with my weekday lunch for the last 3 years.
4. I sleep on a travel pillow that's on top of a feather pillow.
5. Any time Clinton and I leave without the other, the last thing I have to say/hear is "I love you".
6. I didn't have a text messaging plan till 3 years ago.
7. I wash my hair every 2-3 days.
8. I passed out after getting my MMR vaccine.
9. The one time I donated blood, I was out for 3 hours.
10. The only other time I kissed a boy besides my husband was in a play in high school.  Turns out his hat covered my face so no one saw it anyway.  His lips were really wet and salty too. Blech.
11. I once donated a 17-inch ponytail to Locks of Love.
12. I have slept with a fan blowing on my face every night since I was 6.
13. It has to be totally silent for me to focus when composing a letter/blogpost/etc.
14. I wear a toe ring on my right foot's 2nd toe.
15. I can quote the entire movie "Ever After".  I watched it twice a day for 2 weeks when it first came out.
16. I was a closet Barbie player till I was 13.
17. I always chew on my straws and I always chew my ice.
18. I make a loud gulping sound whenever I drink.
19. I can burp like a man.
20. My favorite color is blue.

Ha ha:
I went onto the internet this morning to learn of some new ways to better spend my time.  45 minutes later I had checked my email, read some posts on FB and pinned a bunch of stuff on Pinterest.  Fail.

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