Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 311: Love Thy Neighbor

On my way to work this morning I saw the weirdest thing on my neighbor's yard.
Notice how they stopped mowing at their property line instead of just finishing that last foot on their neighbor's yard?
I don't know.  This just really put me off a bit, making me think to myself, what kind of neighbor am I?  I certainly hope that I'd be the kind that's willing to mow that extra foot, or even better, go that extra mile to help a neighbor in need.
For heaven's sake readers...let's remove the physical dividers between ourselves and our neighbors and do a better job at coming closer together.  Heaven knows the world can use more love and compassion.

Ha ha:
Clinton was playing with Peter on the floor.  He was holding Peter's baby and flinging it back and forth across his body so Peter would chase it.  I snuck down onto the floor and grabbed the toy.  Peter kept chasing it...even when I drug it across Clinton's face.  I was laughing so hard seeing Peter lick/bite at Clinton's face, hearing Clinton shout out, "Ah, ugh!  It's wet and slimy!"  He kept trying to hid his face, but it just made the game more fun for Peter and me!  I laughed and laughed!
Then Clinton turned on me and was doing the same to me.  I laughed and laughed until the slimy baby went into my mouth.  I especially stopped laughing when Clinton pulled back sharply and the fabric on the baby caught on my earring--ripping it out of my ear.
Still.  It was pretty darn funny!

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