Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 333: Glad I Didn't Answer THAT Call

Special shout-out to my coworker for answering the phones for me all afternoon yesterday so I could work on the calendars.  Thanks to you, Lissa, I actually got an entire month entered into the system compared to the one week I barely managed to squeeze in the day before.  THANK YOU!!  (Only one more month to go!)

Ha ha:
You ever have one of those moments of inappropriate laughter?  Ya know, you know you probably shouldn't be laughing at something, but you can't help it?  Well, yesterday while my coworker was answering the phones I overheard the following conversation.
She:  May I ask who's calling?
Caller:  (replies)
She:  Dr. Teats?
Me:  (suppressing laughter/biting tongue...snort)
Other coworker:  What are you laughing at missy?  (knowing exactly what I'm laughing about)
She:  Dr. Chi-chi?  Peachey?
Me:  (laughter!)
Other coworker:  (coyly)  Are you laughing cause she said "teats"?
Me:  That was funny, yes, but it followed by "chi-chi" and "peachey" was just too much! (laughter)
I'm so mature.

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