Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 332: Buried Treasure

Ever since last Saturday's window-plastic-removal-turned-whole-house-cleaning session I have been a cleaning/purging machine!  I have gone through most rooms in my house and have sorted, tossed and organized more stuff than I thought I ever had!  I feel so accomplished (I even went through all of my loose-leaf recipes and condensed them into one book--double-sided tape and all).
Let me clarify, my home is never really messy or dirty, but we still had a bunch of random stuff/papers and it feels so good to de-clutter!

Ha ha:
One of the items that I came across in my dejunking mission was an old beaded necklace that had one busted strand.  It's been sitting in one of the drawers in my bathroom (along with the plethora of its loose beads) for 4 years "waiting to be fixed".  Well, I decided I'm never going to fix it, so instead I hacked off the busted string (still two left), tossed the spare beads and the necklace is as good as new!  In fact, I wore it to work the next day and looked like a superstar!
What the heck took me so long to do that?? :)

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