Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 325: Stick a Cork in it!

I learned today how grateful I am to be understanding and tolerant of other people and their differences.  I also learned that I am not as big of a grump or kill-joy as other people in this world.  Why do I write these thought-provoking moments of enlightenment?  Because today, I was the recipient of the opposite of me.
I got an email from my supervisor this morning asking me to speak with her before I sent out one of my weekly announcements.  I was confused, but sent her an email to let her know I was about to send it out anyway.  A few minutes later she came to my desk, grabbed a chair and said we needed to talk.
Apparently, someone complained to HR about the signature at the bottom of my email at work: "Hoping to Adopt: https://www.itsaboutlove.org/ial/profiles/26001939/ourMessage.jsf".
"I don't understand," I said, "I contacted HR myself to get approval and they said it was up to you.  You gave me approval."
She nodded in agreement, apologized and then finished with, "I know.  I guess they changed the policy.  Either way, someone complained about it.  I'm sorry, but could you please remove it?"
I told her I would and I did.  And then I sat at my desk and fumed for a while.  And then I got up to clear my head.
After some time away I came to the conclusion that whoever complained must just feel like they have a really crappy life.  I began to feel sorry for them.  I'm sure they're going to be watching for my next email to make sure my signature is "Hope" free, feeling like "they've won" when it appears to be so--but that's where they're wrong.  If anything, this jerk has taught me to rise above the lows in life by looking to heaven.  When one door closes, another opens...and I hope it opens right in Email-Nazi's face! ;)

Ha ha:
After today, I was Jonesing for a good laugh--fortunately 30 Rock delivered.
 “I love Jamba Juice!  Having ice-cold diarrhea from drinking too much Jamba Juice? It’s everything I ever wanted!"
(Jenna Maroney, Episode 4.3, Klaus and Greta)
As a long-time sufferer of lactose-intolerance, this quote made me laugh out loud!

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