Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 319: Visiting Husband, Visiting Professor

I got a surprise visit from my favorite H.B. today at work!  I was busy trying to wrap things up for tomorrow and heard the door open behind me.  I turned around and there he was!  He just came by to say "hello".  I snuck out for a second and visited for a minute before kissing him goodbye for the night (he's got exams on Friday and has been staying at the school to study).  What a pleasant surprise!  Thanks H.B.!!

Ha ha:
I've been working for about a month or so on arrangements to bring a visiting professor to the college.  It's been a lot of work and he's finally coming tomorrow and the stress of this visit will be over on Friday!  Anyway, Dr. Forgetful is hosting the visitor and asked me to compile a list of the fancy-pants restaurants nearby from which they could choose to take the visiting professor for a fancy-schmancy dinner.  Anyway, the list I emailed him went a little something like this...
Eddie Martini's (Steak/Seafood)
Ristorante Bartolatta (Italian)
Le Reve (French)
Cocina DeLeon (Mexican)
Firefly Urban Bar & Grill (Modern American)
Or my personal favorite...Subway (cheap)
I could tell when he'd opened my email from the short burst of laughter I heard from his office.  Let's just say he thought I was funny too.

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