Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 337: Taking One for the Team

I was asked to sub for a friend of mine in leading the hymns during Sacrament Meeting today and had totally forgotten about it.  Fortunately, someone sat in our pew at church "forcing" us to sit on the other side of the chapel, right next to the stand.  As the meeting started Clinton looked down at the program and said, "You're leading the music today?"
"No....oh, m'gosh!  Yes.  Thank you!"
Later, I was asked to sub for playing the piano in Relief Society.  I'm not the best pianist and I get really nervous playing in front of others, but found out the hymns were two of the easiest in the hymnbook--a miracle, relief and a blessing.  When it came time to play, everything went really well (so well in fact, I accidentally got lost in the music and cut one verse out of the opening hymn, catching the chorister off-guard and leading the class into a chorus of giggles before the prayer--embarrassing).  At any rate, my fingers moved fairly easily, my heartbeat was calm and I actually kinda enjoyed it.

Ha ha:
The Sunday School lesson was on the conversion story of Alma the Younger.  The teacher split the room into two groups for comparing scriptures and asked which group wanted to be "Team Repentance" and which wanted to be "Team Sin".  I spoke up and said, "Ooo, sin is pretty tempting.  We'll be Team Sin."  The class thought my pun "comic genius" and so did I.  Ha ha!

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