Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 328: Window of Opportunity

You ever have those moments when a small project turns into something much, much larger?  Well, Friday night I decided to take the plastic off our back window so we could get a nice cross-breeze in our place.  Then I noticed how dirty that window was, so I got a rag and some Windex and started to clean it.  Then I noticed the track was filthy so I got the vacuum, vacuumed up the dirt, sprayed it down and then wiped it clean.  Next thing I knew, all but three of the windows in my whole house were given a deep and thorough cleaning.  (The only reason these three weren't cleaned is because two of them still have plastic on them and the other was behind the couch that Clinton was sleeping on, but don't worry, I'll get those on Monday!)
When I had finished with the bathroom window, I realized I should probably just clean the bathroom while I was at it.  Man, I was feeling great!
When I got downstairs to put the broom back, I looked at my kitchen and thought, What the heck?  I'm on a roll!  Before long my kitchen was buffed and shined like the rest of the joint.
My 3-second project turned into 2 hours, but boy did I feel like a total rockstar!!

Ha ha:
Ever since I saw the commercial for Burger King's new chicken strips I've not been able to stop craving the dang things.  They were on my mind every time I thought about eating (pathetic, I get it).  Anyhoo, Clinton had a free dinner at Red Robin for his birthday, so he graciously took me there for their Clucks and Fries.
I literally "Mmm-mm"-ed at every bite.  I made a concerted, conscious effort to stop moaning, but just couldn't--I was in heaven!  It's been a while since I've had a craving (for food) that was that satisfied! Ha!  At one point Clinton said, "Is it really necessary to moan that much?"
"Yes." I said.  And then I thought to myself, I wonder how many people are telling their waiter, "I'll have what she's having."  Ha ha!

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  1. you guys are too funny. we need to work on the highlight soon!