Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 322: The Importance of Using Diction

Clinton and I drove out to Madison on Saturday to visit with our friends, Michelle and Drew Vernon (Michelle and I have been buds since we were kids).  We had a great time!  Their daughter was my little shadow for the day, we went to a fantastic restaurant for supper (HuHot--Mongolian Grill that was UNBELIEVABLE), Drew gave us a couple of his amazing pottery pieces and then we drove home.  There's nothing quite like hanging out with people who've known you for so long.
Thanks guys!  We'll have to HuHot it again before you ditch us for Ohio! :)
Here is the sunset during our drive home

Ha ha:
When we were deciding on where to go for supper, Drew said, "Hey, have you guys ever been to that Hooha place?"  Clinton, Michelle and I each looked at each other before busting up.  Uh, you know what a hooha is?  Needless to say, there were many, many jokes made about the name of the restaurant that night.
Our parting words for the restaurant were, "We love HuHot!"...though it didn't sound like HuHot. :)

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