Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 312: I Didn't Cashew, but Thank You Anyway

I, unlike my other neighbor on yesterday's post, have a WONDERFUL neighbor.  I came home from work the other day and noticed this sweet treat at my back door.
Made my May Day!

Ha ha:
I went visiting teaching yesterday and met up with one of our sisters and her kids. (I'm sure she's gonna read this and I feel bad, but she shouldn't, it was all very funny.)  Anyway, her daughter kept calling us "Visiting Teachers!", "Um...Visiting Teachers...", "Visiting Teachers do you....?"  It was adorable.  Well, as most young children do, she really just wanted our attention and wanted to make us happy.  She was eating cashews from a big giant tupperware and after putting them away, heard me mention that I too love cashews.  She ran back to the kitchen and reached for the container, trying to get them down for us herself but ended up spilling the whole thing on the floor instead.  Her mom gently reminded her that next time she needed to ask for help.  "But, I just wanted to share with Visiting Teachers."
Cute, right?
Well, we continue our visit while her daughter runs down the hallway to get the broom and sweep up the spill.  Next thing I know, I see this little girl coming to me with her two hands full of cashews.  "Here Visiting Teacher." she said.
"Oh, thank you!"  I held them in my hands while we kept visiting, because, you know, they'd been on the floor.  After a few moments, the sister we were visiting comes up and apologizes for the floor-cashews, takes them from my hands, and helps her daughter pick up the rest.
I'm sure she thought she was doing me a favor, and although I held them in my hands to avoid looking like a sicko that'd eat cashews off someone else's be honest, I was really looking forward to closet-eating those.  Sigh.


  1. Note: second comment has been removed to protect the innocent! Hahaha. Love you, Honey! Mom