Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 326: Day Dream

You know how karma says that "you get what you give"?  Well, I was the benefactor of good karma today!
We have another faculty candidate in our office this week and things have been really busy for my coworker.  I offered to take the candidate across campus to one of his meetings so my coworker didn't have to worry about getting lost since she'd never been on that part of campus before.
Well, when I arrived with the candidate at the appointment we were offered refreshments in the kitchen.  The candidate graciously declined and I emphatically accepted.  One can of Diet Coke and a handful of M&M's later, I got to thinking to myself, I'm sitting here relaxing and snacking-it-up while my poor coworker's slaving away in the office...and I'm LOVING it!!

Ha ha:
I think I'm having Vampire Diaries (VD) withdrawals (I got caught up last week and don't have any new episodes to watch till the new season starts in the fall).  How pathetic am I???  Night before last I had a dream that I was talking with this overly-effeminite guy about which of us loved VD more.  I was telling him how I've seen all the episodes, wrote about it on my blog and am "totally in love with it".
He rolled his eyes and said, "Check this out!"  He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a VD pen.  It was one of those cheapy logo pens, but it was deceptively awesome.  He started to twist the top and out popped a telescoping poster of the three main characters.  Needless to say, it was a little weird, but I was impressed.  "That's not all," he said, "take a look at THIS!"
He walked me down a small hill, had me turn around and out of nowhere a huge projection screen arose out of the hillside.  On it was a PowerPoint presentation about the show.
I couldn't believe it.  By this point I was beginning to think this person was a bit extreme, not to mention obsessed.  And then I woke up and realized I was the one dreaming this all up in the first place.  I'm the one who's extreme!  I'm the one who's obsessed!
I panicked for a moment and then realized I'm okay with it.  120 days till season four baby!!

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