Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 334: Soda Fountain of Love

Clinton and I went for a walk last night since the weather's been so beautiful.  We walked across campus and explored the little ponds and streams there.  I told him I wanted to thank him.  When he asked me why, I said, "Usually walking on/around campus means that I'm on my way to work and it's a bit depressing, but now my walk with you has provided me a much sweeter memory to hold onto instead."
I know long walks aren't your favorite thing in the world, H.B., but thank you for taking the time to come with me on one of mine!

Ha ha:
When Clinton brought me my Thursday Speedway Soda today, I reached into the car through the passenger window and saw him sipping a large McDonald's Diet Coke, there was also a miniature can of Diet Pepsi in the passenger cup holder, a large Speedway Diet Pepsi awaiting it's turn for consumption in the driver's cup holder and he was also holding my drink.  He was completely surrounded by carbonation.
Me:  Uh, ya thirsty or something?
He:  (looking a bit sheepish) Yep.
Me:  I wish I had my camera.  You look like a soda junkie!  I think you need help.
He:  Nah.  I'm good.
Yah.  The excess amounts of soda would suggest otherwise!  Good thing he takes lots of extra preventative measures in his dental health or he'd be a toothless-soda-drinking-junkie! :)

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