Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 310: Miraculicious

Work has been busy.  I mean REALLY busy.  So busy that I almost missed a really large scheduling error that would have put me in a big pickle.  Fortunately for me, about 15 minutes before the meeting, all of the stars in the heavens aligned, the angels sang a heavenly song and I happened to check the calendar.  I noticed I had double-booked a conference room and needed to find a replacement FAST.  I don't know how, but somehow, another conference room across the hall was available for the exact time frame I needed and I was able to reserve it for one of the groups.  No one was mad, everyone enjoyed their meetings and I avoided a rather nasty error.
I know 100% that a miracle happened today.  There was no reason for me to be looking at that calendar right then, the error wasn't obvious, (so the fact that I recognized it when I did is further proof of the miracle) and the spare conference room I needed and used is almost never available.
I am SO THANKFUL that Heavenly Father was watching out for me!  What a wonderful miracle!

Ha ha:
I meant to write about this on Friday, but didn't want to advertise that Clinton was out of town, so I'll do it today.
What does a girl eat for dinner when she's a bachelorette for the weekend?
A triple chocolate meltdown from Applebees of course!  (The main course, that is!)
*Notice Petey staring longingly in the background?  Ha!

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  1. I love miracles like that! God is so good! And your "main course" looks delicious. :)