Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 316: A Little Too Relaxed

Sometimes it takes an entire day of doing NOTHING to make you realize the value of being busy and productive.  I stayed home from church yesterday cause I wasn't feeling well.  However, instead of reading my scriptures or working on family history (you know, something uplifting and productive) I watched a lot of tv.  I was feeling pretty guilty about this, and still am to be honest, and it reminded me of a talk I'd heard in General Conference about being busy vs. being productive.  Although I couldn't find the particular talk, I found an article "I Have Work Enough to Do (Don't I?)" by Karen Flynn in the August 1981 Ensign that will do just as well.  Here are a few of her points...
"One of two things can happen to free time. It can be leisure, a time to expand the soul and renew the energies. Or it can instead become something very different: idleness....
"Our crucial task, then, is to distinguish leisure from idleness. Let me suggest what I think some of the differences are. Idleness puts us in a passive role, whereas leisure usually calls on us to participate mentally or physically or creatively; idleness merely passes time, whereas leisure fills personal needs; idleness occupies us, but leisure renews us; we put the responsibility for filling our idle time on something outside ourselves, whereas we look within ourselves for our leisure....
"But always, leisure activity will have, to borrow a phrase from Hamlet, the “relish of salvation” about it. (William Shakespeare, Hamlet, act 3, sc. 3, line 91.)"
This is another one of those moderation-in-all-things type of subjects, but I just thought I needed a little reminder.  It's ok to relax in front of a tv and unwind, but too often that "relaxation period" turns into an entire evening or afternoon of idleness.  Therefore, I have made a commitment to myself to limit my time in front of electronics of any sort and to try other sources of relaxation instead.
Anyway, I better get going...Vampire Diaries is on. :)

Ha ha:
I watched Clinton as he was walking out of the room and noticed that his shoulders were slouching.
"You should pull your shoulders back, Honey.  You're really slouching." I said.
Right then, he shot his arms way behind his back and looked at me with a really strained face.  "Like this?" he said.  "This better looking?"
I just started laughing.  What a silly kid.

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