Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 317: Happy Dance

Went down to the mailroom to find out how much postage I'd need for a letter I was sending.  When the mail lady weighed it and found out it'd only need one stamp she told me not to worry about the postage and stuck a stamp on the envelope for me!
Woohoo!  Thanks friendly mailroom lady!!

Ha ha:
I was working on my computer this evening when Clinton came down and told me we should shut the blinds.
Me:  Why?
He:  (Walking over to the window and closing the blinds) Cause, we don't want to be embarrassed.
Me:  Embarrassed? Of what?
He:  Of this.
Right then, he commenced in performing one of his silly dance moves.
I started laughing.
He:  Pretty good, huh?
Me:  (still laughing)  Yup.
I love that boy of mine!  Thanks for making me laugh every day H.B.!

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