Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 329: Happy Birth-d'oh!

He's had a birthday, shout hooray!
I'm gonna sing to him today (yesterday).
One year older and wiser too.
Happy Birthday, to you (Clinton)!

That's right!  My little H.B. celebrated his 31st birthday yesterday!  We got lunch at McDonalds, went to see The Avengers in 3D, came home for a quick clothing change and then headed out to Lake Michigan for some paddle boating, and then went to Guadelupe's for dinner!  After dinner I dropped Clinton off at a friend's house for some guy time with his friends and returned home to bake him a cake (even though it was 80+ degrees outside).  When he got home, he opened his presents and I sang him "Happy Birthday" as I presented him the batter bowl for licking clean (he loves cake batter).
It was a pretty great day and I'm so thankful for him in my life!  I love you H.B. and I'm looking forward to celebrating many more happy days with you!

Ha ha:
Clinton LOVES The Simpsons.  He quotes it to me at all times (in fact, if he ever says a quote and then asks, "What's that from?", by default I'll reply, "The Simpsons" and generally I'm right).  He even has a "special knack" for quoting lines from it when I'm looking for comfort after a bad day.  Many times I've heard him say, "You know, this reminds me of an episode from The Simpsons."
Anyway, for his birthday I got him Seasons 1, 3 and 5 (already has 4 and 11, so I'm filling in the blanks) from his most-beloved show.  1 and 3 were here, but 5 hadn't arrived in time, so I wrote him the following I Owe You:

Your gift I’d hoped to have here for you,
But a later delivery will just have to do.
I was the highest bidder, but my bidding was late
I guess this just means an anticipatory wait.
Please don’t fret, and please don’t cry-
The wait will be worth it for Simpsons Season Five!

Happy Birthday Honey!

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