Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 286: Waiting in Line

During our date on Friday, we stopped at a store to return a sweater I bought a couple weeks ago.  Anyway, the line was hecka long and so I had lots of time to listen to the people around me in line.  There were two girls in front of me, probably in their late teens/early twenties, talking about the drugs and partying they'd be doing for Easter.  This led to conversations about how their boyfriends were cheating losers.
Standing there listening to them, I became increasingly thankful for my upbringing.  I had been raised to believe that I was worth so much more than the here-and-now; that this life is a gift from God.  I wanted to tell both of them that they were beautiful and worth it, but I knew I'd come across as a weirdo.  So, I said a little prayer that they would be safe and make choices that would bring them happiness.
There is so much more to this life and it is accessible to anyone who'll have it!

Ha ha:
While I was finishing up in line, Clinton went next door to Dollar Tree to use the restroom.  I went in to find him and found $15 worth of purchases!  Who knew using the bathroom at a store could be so expensive?

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