Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 285: To Cone and Condone

I had a voice student scheduled for a lesson Thursday evening.  When they didn't show, I sent them a text and said, "Haven't seen you.  Hope you're ok.  But since you're not here Clinton and I are going for ice cream cones."  Clinton and I took off and drove to McDonald's to enjoy some iced cream.  It was wonderful impromptu date!

Ha ha:
Clinton told me that he "had" to swear the other day while dictating a session with one of his psych patients.  I asked if he couldn't just spell it out or say, "the B-word" and he said no.  He said he had also had to clearly pronounce them, loudly, to his attending physician.  By the end of telling me, we were both laughing picturing him swearing so boldly.  As much as he loves to use "hell" and "damn", anything beyond that would never come out of his mouth!

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