Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 282: Let the Sweet Times Roll!

Not sure if you'd count this as a miracle or not, but I certainly do--my Monday practically flew by!  Before I knew it, the clock struck 430 and I was outta there!  Hopefully tomorrow (and the rest of my week) brings much of the same busyness!  Woohoo!

Ha ha:
These are my favorite of all doughnuts.   I love everything about them (well, except for the calories)!  They are delicious.  They are wonderfully delightful!  However, when you want one, you can't find them for nothin'!
I've been craving one of these little wonders for the last week or so and each time I've run to the deli or the grocery store they are sold out.  (insert frowny face here).  In fact, I spent about 15 minutes at work today checking all of the "food spots" to see if they had them.  First the deli, then the coffee stand, next the cafeteria, followed by the cafe and then lastly, the gift shop (I was desperate, alright?).  Nothing.
Somehow I made it through the rest of my workday and returned home.
Clinton asked if I wanted to get some ice cream for dessert but I told him, "I REALLY want a doughnut!  Can we find a place that actually sells them, and then can we go there???"  Being the "sweet" boy that he is, he found a place nearby and drove me there in a hurry.
I ran inside and tried to look calm as I wiped away the drool falling from the corners of my mouth and told the cashier in my most unruffled voice, "I'd like two sour cream doughnuts please."  My heart started racing as he actually stopped to tape together my slightly torn $5 bill before giving me my doughnuts (I'm a woman craving doughnuts, sir, kindly hurry it up!!).  Finally, he handed me my bag and I skipped out to the car.
I reached into the bag and pulled out my confectionary craving.  I pulled off a small piece and placed it into my mouth..."MMMMMMMMM!!!!", I shouted.  "Oh my!  So delicious!"
Maybe next time I won't wait so long in between doughnuts.  I think I dang-near turned into a crazy lady this time! :)

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  1. Those are our favorite too! :) Better move back to Canada, there's always a Tim Hortons close by and they always have sour cream doughnuts in stock :)