Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 294: Go Pack Go!

We have about 14 months left here in Wisconsin (hard to believe, I know) before moving back West for residency.  About a month ago we decided to create a "bucket list" of things we want to do before we leave and to do one each month.  This month was "Go on a tour of Lambeau Field--NFL stadium of the Green Bay Packers--in Green Bay".  So, we loaded up our car and headed northeast for two hours.
First of all, the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS!!  Secondly, it was great to be on a little road trip with each other!
Well, the tour guides were entertaining and the stadium was amazing!  We learned it's the third largest stadium in the NFL but the largest stadium in a small town (the stadium seats 73,000 currently but is under renovation to seat 85,000--the population of Green Bay is only 104,000).  
We also learned that Packer fans are the "biggest" sports fans; not only does their pro shop sell size 4XL shirts (must be all the cheese), their shop sells more merchandise than any pro shop of any other sport!  And I believe it!  Packer gear is a MUST here in Wisconsin and you're looked at funny if you don't wear something Packer-ish.  As a part of the tour we got to go into one of the luxury suites (cost of renting per year is anywhere from $59,000-$120,000)! 
 (Up in the suite)
(View from luxury suite)
Finally, we got to run through "the tunnel", where the players enter the field, to the sounds of 73.000 cheering fans!
We cheered the Packer cheer "Go Pack Go!" and heard it echo through the stadium.  Pretty cool. 
We had a great time, but by the end...I think I was Packer-ed out!

Ha ha:
Outside Lambeau Field are two statues; one of Curly Lambeau and the other is of Vince Lombardi (two of the Packers previous coaches).  I called the two "Statue of Blame".
"Uhhh, he did it!"

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