Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 299: Lip Wrestle

Clinton and I both had a chance to play with Petey-pup for a good long time today.  It was so much fun to see him have so much fun (Peter too)!  He played fetch and goalie with me, followed by lots of wrestling, chasing and rough-housing with Clinton.  When all was said and done Peter jumped up on the couch--panting--and laid down.  That is, until Clinton opened the food cupboard; he was off to the kitchen faster than you could say, "treat"! :)
I sure love my boys!

Ha ha:
I went into Clinton's study while he was, well, studying.  Peter was laying on the floor.  This is the conversation we had.
Me:  I have a very serious question to ask you.
He:  Me, or him. (looking at Peter)
Me:  (laugh) You.
He:  'K.  What?
Me:  Would you still love me, if my lips were this thin and weird looking? (made this face)
He:  Probably not.  (smirking like he knows he's about to say something witty)  You're on "thin" ice.
Me:  (Eye roll)

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