Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 293: Thriller

I came home from a rather BUSY week at work and had to get ready for my voice student.  I was feeling rather rushed and in my haste to get ready I noticed a box on the ground.  A package!!
I received my Christmas gifts and birthday gifts from my mom and dad today--a little late, yes, but that's ok (now I get an extra celebration)!  I got a really cute gray a-line skirt and a navy/purple sweater!  I LOVE THEM!  We also got some moolah and my mom sent a couple packs of face cleansing cloths, a couple of my grandma's old necklaces and a pair of her slippers. What a lovely surprise and a great way to end my week!!
Thanks Mom and Dad!  Love you too!

Ha ha:
I saw on FB that my sister said her almost-three-year-old son keeps asking to go to "the spinning top store".  She had no idea where he meant and asked what the store looked like and he said, "like the spinning top store".
I thought for sure he meant Target, but I guess that's "the circle store".  Anyway, I thought I'd try to help out and googled "store logo looks like spinning top" and this is the picture that came up.
I don't know what store THIS would be the logo for, but I DO know that I'm now going to have nightmares tonight.  Eesh!

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