Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 296: Walking and Working...It's Not What You're Thinking

Today was a rather busy but productive day!  Here's a brief breakdown of what I got accomplished today.
Finalized coordinating the schedule for a visiting professor next month (been working on this for a few weeks), cleaned one our psychologist's office and turned it from a "disaster" into an actual "work space", got caught up on my emails and tasks from last week!
Cleaned my kitchen, dining room and bathroom, caught up on my blog, did some reading, played with Peter and will be in bed by 1030!
Wowee, what a day!

Ha ha:

I got a call from Clinton about four minutes before the end of work.  "Wanna a free ride home?"
"Yes!" I said!
"Be out in 1 minute or the offer is off the table!"
"I can be out in two."
"Nope.  It's one minute or you're walkin'."
"It'll be two.  Love ya!"
"Love ya!" (click)
What a treat to not have to walk home!  We've had some pretty windy weather here (35-40mph gusts) and I was not looking forward to trudging home in it!
Thanks for thinking of me and for picking me up Honey...even though you're a real sassy pants sometimes! :)

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