Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 306: Dog Lover

Clinton has been studying like crazy these last couple weeks or so.  It feels like I've barely seen him.  But not only did he take time away from his studies to bring me my Thursday Speedway Soda, but both he and I took a little break on Thursday to have a short, but sweet, date.
Thanks, Honey for taking time from studying to be with me!  I love you so!

Ha ha:
My coworker sent me the following picture and I thought it was oh-so true--I must share.
Well, this made me think about a picture I had Clinton take of me and Peter last week.  It was time for bed and I had some extra things I needed to bring upstairs.  I HAD to carry Petey and didn't want to have to come back for a second I got inventive and resourceful!
I'm carrying a bottle of hairspray, a bottle of thermal protector, my cell phone's in my bra, and I of course, am also carrying Peter. :)

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