Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 68: Making a Big Stink

I had another run in with The Intimidator today (if you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this link).  To keep a long story short, one of the other docs made arrangements for a resident to attend our clinic this month, told me about it 2 days ago (assuring me that all the proper notifications/arrangements had been made) and asked me to forward some helpful hints to the resident.  Taking the initiative to make sure all of the other docs knew, I sent a heads-up email.  Well, about 15 minutes later, The Intimidator came out and scolded me, in front of my coworkers, and said that the resident couldn't come to clinic and arrangements like this need to be cleared with him in the future.  I told him that this was not my doing, I was only trying to help, and that these "arrangements" had been made by Dr. Forgetful.  He was still a bit curt but said he speak with Dr. Forgetful, I told him I'd appreciate that.
After venting to my coworkers about my frustration of getting chided for Dr. Forgetful's forgetfulness and lack of communication, The Intimidator came back out, asked for clarification of how long I'd known this schedule (less than 3 days) and what more I knew about it.  He apologized and said it was his oversight that this had not been handled better.  Wha??!
Praise the Lord!  What a relief!  I'm still going to speak with Dr. Forgetful and let them know this lack of communication with me (his assistant) can not keep happening and that I don't appreciate getting in trouble for things that aren't my fault.  Overall though, I felt this was another successful encounter with The Intimidator because even though they came out strong, I stood my grounds and gained their respect in the process!

Ha ha:
One of my coworkers came over for a cut/highlights after work.  She was petting Peter who was busy sniffing her like crazy!  I told her he's a pretty sniffy dog and she replied, "He probably smells my poopies."  "What?!" I asked.  "He smells your poopies?"  "NO!  My Coopies." (Her dog's name is Cooper.)  Time to get my hearing checked I think!

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