Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 84: Sweet Pics

I LOVE peaches.  I could eat them all day, every day be very content (not to mention extremely regular)!  Anyway, there is one store nearby that has really good peaches but are usually sold out early in the day.  Well, Clinton was working and had the car till noon.  I worried that my peaches would be gone by the time I was actually able to get there. 
When I got to the store I walked as quickly as was socially acceptable to the produce aisle.  Not only were there peaches for me, but a store clerk was just putting out boxes of fresh ones!  Had I gotten there at any other time I wouldn't have had as great of a selection!  Mm-mmmm!!

Ha ha:

I came downstairs today to find Clinton and Peter snuggled on the couch.  Clinton didn't want me to take a picture but I told him it was important that people see how adorable we are.  Here, now isn't this adorable?

Here's one of me and Peter in the office.  He almost always has to be snuggling with one of us, even if there really is no room for him, he'll make room.

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