Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 79: Sew Good!

I decided that one of the things I've never been "good" at, more like convinced myself I wasn't going to be good at, is crafts.  I think that talent skipped me and landed itself "seam"lessly on my sisters.  Not for long (hopefully)!  I went to the fabric store with a friend tonight and got myself some fabric to make new pillow covers for my bed.  There will be sewing and lots of patience required, so this could be a one-two sorta deal.  My hope is that, as I see myself accomplishing something I've wanted to become better at, I'll be encouraged to try harder or more difficult things.

Ha ha:
1.  As I sat here thinking about what to write I glanced at my tool bar at the bottom of my desktop and noticed the Mozilla/Firefox symbol.  Am I the only one who just realized that the icon is a fox with a fiery tail sorta swirling around a globe?  I seriously thought it was just a globe.  Wow.
2.  Clinton was on call tonight and I didn't feel like cooking for just me and cereal sounded so good!  So, I had three bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios and a bunch of Nacho Cheese Doritos!  I. Loved. Every. Bite.


  1. I enjoyed all of your puns in this blog post! It was great getting out of the house with you today and great to get excited about our upcoming projects! You will do great, don't worry!

  2. We have more in common than I realized... I had cereal and chips for dinner too!

  3. I really want to learn to sew! I'm excited to see your projects and how they turn out. And EVERYONE loves Doritos for dinner! My favorite!