Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 67: Is it Possible to be Home Alone, Away from Home? Yup.

I got off of work early in order to go celebrate my 8th anniversary with Clinton since he was preparing for exams during our actual anniversary.  We decided to drive down to the suburbs of Chicago and "be spontaneous".  We went to a Greek restaurant for lunch, stopped by the house where Home Alone was filmed and then to the Chicago Botanical Gardens.  It was a wonderful afternoon to enjoy each other's company and I feel very blessed to have shared it with my Honey!

Ha ha:
On our drive down to Chicago, Clinton and I were just chatting.  He asked me if I could say his tongue-twister "Unique New York".  I did so successfully.
He: "You have to do several in a row really fast."  
Me: (quietly, and somewhat to myself) "Unique New York.  Unique New York.  Unique New York.  There.  It helps if you really pronounce the 'k's."  
He: "OK, let me hear it." 
Me:"Unique nih-nork!"
Here are photos from our trip:
Ahhhh!!  I'm Home Alone!

Clinton told me he thought all the neighbors were probably annoyed that we were "so original" with my pose, so he told me to take a more serious picture.  Does it really make a difference if I'm posed or not?  I'm still taking a picture in front of the house. :)

Clinton: "Okay, let's just hurry."  Me: (eye roll)

Entrance to the Botanical Gardens

These koi fish were everywhere and they would swim right up to where ever you were and open their mouths for food.  We didn't have any and I'm sure we disappointed many-a-fish today.

This is the bridge that led to the fruit and vegetable island

If you look to the left on that little bridge you'll see something tall and's a pelican!

Arches on fruit island

This is an apple tree.  I turned to Clinton and asked, "What are those things hanging from the trees?" He paused and then responded, "Apples...".  "No," I said, "those red things."  Ha!  Turns out they are humming bird feeders.  I guess in the future I should clarify which "hanging things" I'm referring to.

We stepped inside a science center and found this smell-tester.  You were to push a button that sprayed a scent of a plant and guess what it was.  Here I am curious to try out the machine...

Pewee!  That freakin' wreaks!  It smells like garbage and rotting vegetables!  What could it be??

 Fortunately, one of the other buttons was for roses, so I pushed that button over and over like there was no tomorrow! 

Japanese Gardens

The Logans had a great day today!  Hope you enjoyed yours as well!


  1. Looks like you celebrated in style!!! Congratulations on 8 years, that really is awesome! Looks like you had a great time in Chicago! Fun fun!