Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 70: Sit Back and Relax

1.  I got plane tickets today to go visit my family in October!  FYI Portland friends: I'll be there Oct. 19th-23rd.
2.  I got a nap this afternoon; something I haven't had for a while but thoroughly enjoyed!
3.  Clinton and I had nothing to do today but just hang out.  We ran a couple errands, but we were home for most of the day and just got to relax.  It was wonderful!  I think this was an extra special blessing in disguise because he's on call tomorrow and he'll be working on Monday, so the time we had together today will be our reserves for the next couple days. :)/:(

Ha ha:
Peter is...hilarious.  You wouldn't think that a dog could be so funny, but Petey really does have such a fun personality!  This morning he was laying in bed while I was getting ready.  After using a tiny bit of hairspray he started having this snorting/sneezing fit.  Clinton got in on it and started making the sound to Peter.  Peter would respond each time.  This snort-fest went on for about 2 minutes straight, but by the time I got my video camera out Peter had had enough.  So, I got this cute picture of him instead:

Well, a little later this afternoon he decided he wanted to look out the window, however there were a couple "obstacles" in his way.  But they didn't deter him from reaching his dreams!  Oh, no, not him!  He just climbed his way to the top and once there made himself the king of the world couch!

What a bub!

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