Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 77: Bonus Videos

I posted a "Ha ha" moment a few days ago about a mouse I saw on my way home.  I said I'd get the video uploaded, well, here's the link.  I really do think it was gerbil that got lose or something, this is way too big to be a mouse.  Enjoy!
Meander with a Mouse

Here is a video of Clinton and I playing with Peter.  Peter has this funny thing he does when he plays, we call it "stealth mode":  his breathing slows, he stands perfectly still until he begins to crouch down lower and lower in preparation to either pounce on, or attack his toy.  (Please disregard the nasty strings of hair on the ball.  I just got a new mannequin head and the hair was falling out like crazy! I'm still pulling it off of things.)
Peter Playing

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  1. The only time I saw a mouse like that when I was just walking along was at dusk. I had just run into a friend and stopped to talk when I noticed the leaves rustling in the gutter. We watched the leaves and then a mouse appeared! As I was saying, "Wow! I've never seen a mouse in the 'wild' before," a owl swooped down, snatched it, landed ten feet away and ate it. No joke.