Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 89: Perspective and Popcorn

I had a really great day today.  Not only did my day go well, in general, but any time I started to think about my trials, I started to sing "Count Your Blessings".  Not sure if it was the placebo effect or not, but I genuinely started feeling better!  I'd get a smile on my face and a new perspective with it!  Today was a GREAT day!

Ha ha:
I was sitting at my desk at work; perfectly focused and busy (ha!), anyway, I hear a scream out in the hallway and a girl sorta laughs as she sulkingly says, "Don't do that!"  Not knowing what happened, but dismissing it altogether, ya know, cause I'm really focused on my job and all, I turned back to my work.  That is, of course, until seconds later when The Intimidator comes into the room laughing.  (Now, if you don't read my posts often, you'd not know that The Intimidator is NOT a laughing type of person; he's more of the scaring, make-you-feel-like-a-piece-of-poo type.  Read more about The Intimidator here.)  Anyway, surprised by the glint in his eye and the weird, upward turn of his lips (most people would call that a smile, I'm not sure what he calls it though), I hesitantly inquired as to what was so funny.  "Oh, someone spilled their popcorn all over the hallway."  I get it now.  Sounds like the screaming "Don't do that!"-girl must have been spooked by a friend, causing her to throw her popcorn all over the hallway.  I guess that is kinda funny...even to The Intimidator!

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