Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 94: It's All in the Delivery

I thought I had saved a very important email that I needed access to today at work.  I sorta frantically looked for it and then remembered I had sent it to a friend.  I called her to see if she still had it and she said did.  In fact, she said that while she was cleaning out her emails the other day she was going to delete it but felt like she should keep it for some reason.  Well, I'm the reason and I'm so glad she did!!

Ha ha:
I happened to be coming back from the library at the front of the college as two of my coworkers were leaving for the day.  One passed me and I said "goodnight".  A few moments later, I heard the other one cough and I could tell she was coming around the corner.  (Just to confirm, I saw her reflection in a set of windows.)  I don't know what possessed me, but I had the strongest urge to hide around the corner and scare her.  So, that's exactly what I did.  Right as she began to turn the corner, I jumped out in front of her, waved my arms in the air and shouted, "BAH!"

The look on her face was totally worth it.

Oh, my gosh.  I am laughing so hard just thinking about it again!  She said I needed to remember she's older than me and that I almost gave her a heart attack.  She also said I'm "going to get it".  We both laughed; me cause it was hilarious, and she, probably to distract from almost peeing herself.

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