Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 95: Close to You

Clinton was on call today.  I've hardly seen him in the last week but today he had an extra 30 minutes between the school and the hospital, so he stopped by the house for a little bit before leaving for the rest of the night!  Seeing him was such a nice little pick-me-up!

Ha ha:
Clinton said that he got up to use the bathroom at about 1am.  When he came back to bed my knees were in his spot.  He climbed into bed and pushed his knees into mine to get me to move. Apparently, I wasn't having it...
Me talking in my sleep:  Hey, whatta you think you're doing?
He:  (just keeps pushing on my knees)
Me:  You can push all you want, I'm not moving!
When he told me this I asked what he did next and he said he just rolled over and tried to fall asleep...even with my knees in his back.  Poor boy!

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