Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 74: Charged and Ready for Action

I had a very busy day today.  When I came home, I immediately prepared myself for a hair appointment.  The appointment was only supposed to be about 45 minutes, but the client requested extra services and the appointment ended up lasting 2 hours.  I've been sitting here thinking what I should write for my "aha" while shushing my dog who is desperate for my attention.
And then I recognized it.
I've got to spend some time with my pup.  Have a great night, I'll be busy playing with Petey Pup!

Ha ha:
A couple days ago, before finding a better solution, I was going to use Clinton's charger for my phone.  I left his charger beside his bed and hooked mine up on my side.  The next day, at bedtime, he asked where his charger's how it went.
He:  Where's my charger?
Me:  Beside your bed on the floor.
He:  No, you borrowed it yesterday, remember?
Me:  No, I didn't.  I used mine after I got an extension cord, remember?
He:  Well, I don't see it; you still have it.
Me:  No, I never took it.  It's still on the floor beside your bed.  Look down there.
He:  No, it's...oh.  I found it.
Me:  Did you find an apology down there too?

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