Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 80: Tell the World

Welp, our profile is now up on Parent Profiles!  If you feel so inclined, please copy the link and send it to everyone you know and then ask them to send it to everyone they know, etc.  No need to get permission from us to forward it on!  We'd appreciate all the help we can get to find the sweet girl who will change our lives, for the better, for forever! 
Check out our profile here.
(Please copy and paste this link to your facebook page or in an email to your friends http://www.parentprofiles.com/profiles/db27603.html)

Ha ha:
I went to an Administrative Professionals meeting today and the topic was "Crucial Conversations".  There was a troop from Comedy Sportz there and they were helping with role play in scenarios we could encounter at work or home.  As you may expect, it was funny at times and they eventually asked for volunteers and suggestions of situations from the audience.  A lady volunteers and is partnered with a male member from the troop.  He turns to the audience and asks for suggestions.  Despite the feeling of happiness and lightheartedness in the room, this disgruntled lady in the back yells out, "She just found out you're cheating on her!"...


Everyone in the audience took in a deep, surprised breath; the coordinator said, "Uh, something much lighter."; I quickly shouted, "She's taking credit for your work."; the tension lifted and a collective sigh of relief went over the crowd.

Eesh lady!  Lay off the soaps and stick to Hallmark movies for Pete's sake!

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