Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 69: When One Door Closes Another Opens

We decided to place our adoption information on an additional profile website.  When we initially heard about it, it was going to cost $99/month.  We felt that was a bit costly, but figured it was for a good purpose, so we decided to give it a try.  However, when we printed the paperwork (after I took about 4 hours to complete our profile) I saw that it was going to cost $150 for a processing fee+$99 for the initial posting fee+$99 for the first month.  Eek!  I felt very overwhelmed with trying to come up with all this money, but we both felt that this was something we should be doing.  I asked the Lord to help me find the money.
As I was preparing to submit our application I asked our caseworker at LDS Family Services if he knew of any discounts we could use, but he knew of none.  I googled "parent profiles discounts" and the very first link that came up was for discounts for LDSFS!  I contacted the profile company to verify the discount and it was totally valid!  Instead of all the costs listed above, we no longer have to pay the fees and our monthly fee went from $99 down to $75!
Why would googling "parent profiles discounts" bring up the exact discount code I needed for our particular agency?...because the Lord's hand was in my life!

Ha ha:
In my typical bull-in-the-china-shop way, I walked into one of the offices across the hall...or should I say, I TRIED to walk into the office, but instead, I walked INTO the front of two other employees.  In my defense, their door is a lot heavier than ours and it does not stay open like ours, so when I pushed it open I wasn't quite expecting it to fly back so quickly.  It made an unusually loud BAM when I collided and everyone turned to see what happened.  I told them I was ok and laughed it off, telling them my hip bone caught the brunt of it.  On my way back out, one of them said, "You know there's another door in the back that would be safer for you to use.  Are you sure you want to use this door, Danielle?"  Ha. Ha. :)


  1. I totally knew about that discount and your caseworker should have known about it as well!! yay for google! And Heavenly Father of course. I am glad to see that you guys are getting on parent profiles. That's how Hannah's birth family found us. Good luck with that! Be prepared for a variety of contacts and if you have questions about any, you know I'll be happy to share my opinion! :)

  2. Good luck Danielle! I admire every effort you made and hope the good news is on its way soon!

  3. What a blessing! I'm so glad you were able to get a discount. I have missed reading your blog. We have been out of town and I haven't had so much computer time! I look forward to catching up!