Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 78: Having a Grape Attitude

I watched a video on Hulu today called, "39 Pounds of Love".  It's about this 34-year-old man, named Ami, with a rare form of muscular dystrophy.  When he was one-year-old his doctor told his mother to not expect him to live to six.  She had cried and screamed at the doctor, telling him that no man can put a limit on what any person is capable of doing or becoming.  The movie was only 70 minutes, but it was the story of Ami fulfilling his dreams, despite his only being 39 pounds and well past his life-expectancy.

This got me to thinking about how often I limit myself, or doubt what I am capable of doing or becoming.  I work in a children's hospital and I see so many people that are in so much worse situations than I, and yet, I still complain.  If only I had...If only could...If only this had/hadn't happened...etc.  But when I see movies like this one, or I see those families in the hospital that deal with so much pain and sickness, I can not help but reflect a little and put the things that I deal with in my life in perspective.  Gosh, I am so blessed!  Sure, I can only see out of one eye and my blind one does not "match" my good eye perfectly, but my goodness; I can still see!  Sure there are things I want in life that I can't have right now, but at least I'm surrounded by wonderful family and friends who love me and care for me!  Sure I have trials, but every time I turn to the Lord for comfort and direction, He is there to love and guide me! 

Ami did not let a severe physical disability keep him from doing the things he dreamed of doing.  Why should I, in my very capable mind and body, limit myself, either physically or spiritually?  Watching this movie inspired me to dig a little deeper and find some things I have prevented myself from accomplishing before.  I don't know what they are yet, but rest assured, I am going to discover what they are and I will blog about them and my progress in accomplishing them.  I know there are some things I have no control over, but I always have control on my attitude and perspective.

What about you?  What have you thought you weren't good enough for, or not strong enough for, or incapable of starting-doing-finishing?  Remember, no man can put a limit on what any one person is able to accomplish, and with God, nothing is impossible.

Ha ha:
I was enjoying some freshly washed grapes when Clinton came and took a bunch for himself.  I heard him go out to the kitchen and proceed to wash them again.  I told him they were already clean and he said, "Yeah.  But I'm pretty sure I saw you touching them, so they needed to be washed." 
What a punk!

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  1. Great thought Dani! Everyone has their trials, and we can't let them hold us back from who we are supposed to become. In fact, we should let them mold us into that person. And Clinton is funny!!!