Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 75: Angels on the Road and in the Workplace

My friend and I were driving on the roads of Wisconsin today (for anyone who's ever been here, you can attest to the crazy drivers) and were watched-over from above, for sure! 
My friend was in the left lane and needed to get into the right ASAP in order to turn onto the next street.  As she pulled into the right lane we heard nothing but loud honking as we almost collided with the car behind/beside.  Had the other driver not been watching and had the heavens not sent their angels to protect us, we could have had a nice little accident today.  This is why I always pray for safety each morning and each night!!  I'm grateful my prayers were answered! 

Ha ha:
I woke up feeling great this morning!  As I came downstairs to get my breakfast ready, my nose started running like a faucet and I couldn't breathe through my right nostril. 

Warning:  This is somewhat gross...ok, well, it's really gross.

So, I blew my nose, and blew my nose and blew my nose.  And then I blew it some more.  The amount of goo that came out was inconceivable.  Needless to say, I didn't stay "feeling great" for long. 

When I got to work, I discovered my brain stayed home.  I got on the elevator, pushed the door-close button and started to descend.  The elevator went down one floor and a nice lady got on.  She looked at me slumped against the wall and said, "Now, you know you didn't push any buttons for the floor you want, right?"  Oh my gosh!  It didn't even register that I forgot to push which floor I wanted!  We had a good laugh (mine was of the more-embarrassed nature) as she pushed my floor and got off on the next level.
Thank you Elevator Lady, for laughing with me instead of at me.  May all your stops be filled with people who know where they're going.


  1. Oh no! I hope you get better soon! And I'm glad you were safe on the road. That sounds scary! PS. We need to get together sometime soon!