Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 73: Cut and Paste

I woke up with a headache this morning, went to work with it and kept it all afternoon.  Alieve didn't relieve it but I was still (miraculously/thankfully) able to get my work done (editing manuscripts=tedious).  I kept saying a prayer all day that my headache would pass, and even though it didn't, I was blessed with the ability to work through it.
I did leave a little early, but when I got home my husband rubbed my shoulders for a little while (another miracle ;) and after a few hours the pain decreased a bit and now I am very much looking forward to going to bed and waking up refreshed in the morning!

Ha ha:
One of the docs I work for is a pastry junky (so much so he had a heart attack at 35!, but a big part of that is his genetically-high cholesterol, even still, you'd think he'd lay off the sweets).  Anywho, he knows I love a good pastry and each time he buys one for himself I ask where mine is (especially when he buys cherry pie!! YUM!).  Today, he came back from the deli and called for me to come out with a knife.

Leaving the story here would be funny enough as it is, but I'll divulge, just this once.

I got a knife and he says, "Well, I'll avoid the inevitable questions and just give you your piece now."  Ha!  He actually bought a pastry knowing that he'd just split it with me!  He didn't offer any to any of my coworkers, just me.  I got a good kick and a good pastry outta that!

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