Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 97: Now You See It

I took my credit card out of my wallet the other day to buy some cold medicine at work.  I apparently forgot to put it back in my wallet, and didn't realize this till I tried to pay for dinner tonight.  However, I did not remember any of this and started to panic some.  I honestly could not remember what I had done with it.  I called the grocery store to see if I'd dropped it somewhere, I thought it was probably in a pair of pants, maybe fell out in the car...I couldn't remember and everywhere I checked it couldn't be found.  Well, I said a panicked little prayer in my heart and as I was searching my coat pockets, I saw a pharmacy bag on my microwave.  Aha!  I dug inside, but it wasn't there.  And then, I remembered.  I told Clinton I was taking Petey for a walk to work and when I stepped inside, there it was; inside the pocket of my giant work sweater!  Now, I can sleep soundly...and not just because of my nite-time cold meds either! :)

Ha ha:
Clinton told me about a comic strip that he came across today.  It shows two women, one fat the other thin. The fat one turns to the skinny one and asks, "Does this dress make me look fat?"  The thin one looks her over and says, "Yes."  The next clip shows the fat one thinking to herself for a moment.  The next clip shows her beginning to take off the dress.  In the final clip, she's taken off the dress and is perfectly thin. Ha!

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