Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 54: A Diamond in the Rough

I am amazed at the tender mercies from the Lord.  I've been feeling a bit blue lately and was really needing a boost.  I got an email out of the blue from the chair of the Illinois Chapter of Families Supporting Adoption just to see how I was doing and asking if I'd like to be a part of the committee! I asked her to call me this evening and after a 40 minute phone call I feel like I've found an old friend!  Her contacting me could not have come at a better time!!  She was definitely inspired and I thank the Lord for wonderful people in my life who, when they feel a prompting, follow it!

Ha ha:
I have tried a couple attempts at using the Fart Machine on one of the doctors I work with (Sach).  I've wrapped it in my sweater then stashed that twice in his office (if you want to call it that...I refer to it as "The Disaster") but somehow, he's managed to actually see it amongst all his mess.  Anyway, he brought it out today and was asking who's sweater it was and why it kept showing up in his office.  I couldn't get to him in time to grab my sweater and he started digging in the pockets.  He pulled out the Fart Machine, said, "What's this?" and then started laughing.  He called me crazy and I told him that although he'd ruined the surprise, I'd get him eventually!  As my coworker said, "It ain't over till Sach farts!"

Just after a commercial for Rimmel masara, I asked Clinton if he had an "Aha" moment from today that I could share and he said, "Um yeah.  When I realized they pronounce it 'Rim-elle' in Canada but they pronounce it 'Rimm-uhl' in the States."  I think his idea of "aha" is much different than mine. :)

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  1. Awww...It was so great to talk to you and visit! I look forward to getting together in person and chatting even more.