Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 42: Longings

Our bathroom sink has been extremely plugged basically since we moved in two years ago.  We've poured about 10 bottles of Draino down that stinkin' pipe with very little relief.  Our landlord came a couple weeks ago, snaked the pipe but left before really checking to make sure it was clear.  Sure enough...still completely plugged.  I emailed him and he came back today (that's not the miracle) ;).
Anyway, as he was looking at the same pipe with the same problem, he said he wanted to look at one more thing.  That "one more thing" was the very opening of the drain, just below the stopper/plug.  There was a wad of something unrecognizable, probably the size of a gooey golf ball, lodged in the pipe.  He used an old t-shirt and ran it up and down through the pipe like someone would run a towel across their behind to dry it off in a sing-songy way.  He put the sink/pipe all back together and it is running like a charm!!!  I feel very blessed to have a bathroom sink that works and doesn't fill to the brim with my toothpaste, face wash or hand-goo every time I use it!  Yipee!

Ha ha:
Clinton and I FINALLY got a barbeque.  This is something I have been longing for, for quite some time.  We got all the fixings for it, including meat and vegetables for grilling....and then we went to Olive Garden for dinner!  Mmm-mmh!!

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  1. I hate it when sinks don't drain...what a pain! By the way draino is so bad for your pipes you are NEVER suppose to use it. It eats away at the pipes. Whenever putting something down the drain it should be preventive treatment that you are suppose to do every month...we learned this the hard way.