Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 44: We Women are Fickle

1.  I made it through the workday without eating everything in sight.  Confused?  Read this post.
2.  Managed to have about an hour to work on my callings for church.  I also did my first Rodney Yee yoga session, made my lunch for tomorrow, talked with my mom on the phone, played with Petey, gave a voice lesson and am going to bed at a relatively decent hour!!  I feel somewhat accomplished today!
3.  Before things got too ugly, I "realized" (thanks Honey) that the PMS Witch is beginning to show her warted-face again.  This "realization" gave me time to kind of gather a plan to douse her ugliness during future witchy-periods (no pun intended).  I think I am going to use my process from week-before-last's posts regarding using the Atonement.  This week (and next) I plan to refocus my feelings on the Savior and plead for his help when I find (or my husband finds) that I need it most!  We'll see my pretties!! (evil cackle)

Ha ha:
My grandma told me to shut up today!
I called to ask what her address was so I could send her a letter.  I told her I was drawing a blank and that I couldn't quite remember, but I knew her PO Box number was similar to my in-laws but I didn't want to mix them up.  As I was rambling, she got a word in edgewise and said, "Shut up!  It's 1167."
I'd like to say I was totally surprised, but I wasn't.  Love you Grandma!!

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  1. Haha! What a funny grandma! This is the one in California, right? And good luck with the PMS witch...I know her all too well.