Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 39: M-mm! What's for Lunch?

This may seem silly, but I have a real problem with snacking lately.  I. can't. stop.  I'll have just eaten an enormous meal and I'll still want to eat.
I know.  I know.  This is not a discussion about me thinking I'm fat, because I don't think I'm fat ('k Mom? ;).  All I'm saying is I seem to have lost some control over my snacking and I don't like that feeling.
Anyway, I wanted to do better today and with a little bit of help from the Lord...I did!  I still have room to improve, but I didn't feel like I had to give into the 5-layered red velvet cake sitting on the counter 6 feet from my I didn't!  Not even a taste cause I knew where that would lead!
I'm grateful the Lord is mindful of all of our weaknesses and is willing to help us overcome them at any time and in any red velvet cake situation!

Ha ha:
I like to think I'm mature.  I think for the most part I am, but give me a good bathroom-humored moment and it's like I'm six-years-old all over again.
Today at work I went to the restroom, performed my business and as I began washing my hands the most interesting series of sounds echoed out from one of the other stalls.
(tinkle-tinkle SPLASH splash tinkle toot GUSH tinkle squeak toot SQUAWK tinkle tinkle toot)
I looked at my shocked and highly amused face in the mirror could not get out of there fast enough!
About four hours later I went back to the same bathroom and was again bomb-fartedbarded with much of the same explosions.
My thoughts were as follows
1.  Try not to breathe or laugh out loud
2.  My gum had better not taste like what's happening in the next stall
3.  If you are that sick, what the heck are you still doing at work?

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