Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 46: Silence and Inappropriate Laughter

Totally fell asleep on the couch while writing my this will be very short.
I had a small moment during my day where I stepped into a very quiet room, got on my knees and prayed that God would hear my prayers and provide me the answers I'm looking for.  Although they have not yet come, I felt comforted kneeling in that quiet room, and if nothing else, knew that God heard my prayer.

Ha ha:
I was reminiscing with my coworkers today about funny things that have happened at work.  Here are a couple of mine...
1.  One time I was laughing so hard at something and then the phone rang.  It's my job to answer it.  I answered like this..."Pediatric bwah ha ha ha, Hematology ah ha haha...I'm sorry...ha ha...just a...moment."  After a moment's composure, I came back on the line to excuse my giggles only to end up laughing again.  Fortunately, the listener was kind about it and had a good sense of humor themselves!
2.  I called what I thought was the right phone number for a contact over at the hospital.  A woman answered on speaker phone.  I asked if so-and-so was there and she replied, "Nope.  I think you've got the wrong number.  This is a conference room and you're on speaker phone with about 12 other people in the room."  Laughing, I replied, "Well.  Nice to speak with all of you.  Hope you enjoy the remainder of your meeting!"  We all had a good laugh!

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