Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 60: On That Note

As I was walking with Peter this evening I ran into a lady from my neighborhood whom I regularly see walking her dog.  I felt like I should stop and see how she was doing and invite her to the church activity we are having this Saturday.  I caught up with her and asked how things were going.  I found out she's been out of work since January, has been rejected at every job she's applied for, she's been depressed, has no health insurance and has been feeling a bit hopeless.  I asked what her job experience is and it is in health insurance.  When I told her I work at the hospital her eyes lit up.  I told her I'd keep an eye open for jobs and that there's a better chance of her getting a job if she knows someone who works there.
I am so glad I followed the prompting to talk to her and if nothing else, I got her name and phone number so I can check on her regularly.  She will be busy with a class on Saturday and therefore unable to attend the service project, but she said she might like to go to one in the future.  I feel so happy to know I may have brought some cheer to her day!

Ha ha:
I called my nephew to wish him happy birthday.  As per my usual, I sang him an exaggerated, operatic rendition of Happy Birthday.  I closed with a loud, "Happy Birthday!" and he was quiet for a moment before saying, "I can honestly say I've never heard anything quite like that before."  Ha!  The little fink!

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