Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 43: Blogging My Blessings and Bust-Ups

I'm not sure what to write today.  I keep thinking, what do I have to write about?  I went to church, came home, took a nap, ate dinner and watched some ABC Family with my husband as we enjoyed some bomb brownies (thanks Jenna!).  We got to enjoy our new grill and some amazing steaks!  But what from my day was especially spiritual?  Where did I recognize the Lord's hand in my life today?
As I sit here typing I'm looking at my little sleeping pup beside me and I can't help but smile.  I am so blessed.  There it is!  The Lord's hand is pointing to all the things with which I have been blessed.  Here are a few that are most prevalent to me today...
1.  My husband.  He is so funny and so happy and he makes me laugh every day. 
2.  My pup, Peter.  We got Peter when I was just beginning to feel especially baby-hungry but couldn't have babies.  He is the best little companion for me.
3.  My family.  I have been quite homesick lately as I've had a new nieces and nephews added to the mix but have been unable to meet them.  My family is ever changing but am so thankful for technology that helps me to keep in touch with them on a regular basis.  I know they pray for me and my little family here in Wisconsin and I am so thankful for that!
4.  Good friends.  My girlfriends throughout my life have been such an anchor for me and especially now that I live far from home.  I don't know what I'd do without good girls in my life to support me in my struggles and to lift me up when I'm feeling down.
5.  Home, Job and Extra job.  I have been blessed with a great job and several other jobs (from my home) that provide well for my family, keep a nice (air-conditioned) roof over our heads and have made it possible to save/obtain my year's supply of food storage!
I have truly been blessed!!

Ha ha:
I was laying on the bed asking Clinton to tell me something funny to put on the blog.  He started telling me a poem but when I began typing it here, he told me it was too embarrassing.  As, I laid my head in shame thinking I would have nothing to write, he pulled on my ponytail (which is held up by some hair pins) and I exclaimed, "Ouch Honey!  I have hair pins in there and they jab me in the head when you pull my hair."  His response?..."Oh.  Careful!" 
Clinton was quizzing me on questions for his pediatrics exam.  Questions like, "At what age do babies sleep through the night?  At what age do they sit up?, etc".  I was doing fairly well and then he asked, "What is the best way to get a child interested in potty-training?"  I replied, "By having them watch you."  He said, "Yes.  But I find it helps if you urinate on them as well."  Ha ha!  Where does he come up with this stuff?? 
P.S.  He does not/nor would he EVER actually do that, he was just being funny!

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